Zero carbon housing dissertation

The master plan of the North West Bicester eco-community, “UK’s most sustainable development”, has been proposed by the UK-based shared ownership and affordable housing organization A2Dominion . Construction began on the first homes as part of the initial Exemplar phase of the project. The zero carbon homes, some of which will be affordable, are using the latest green technologies, including solar power harvesting, rainwater collection and energy monitoring systems. All homes will be built to meet the code level 4 requirements for Sustainable Homes and BREEAM excellence .

118: After Clause 143, insert the following new Clause—“Carbon compliance standard for new homes(1) The Secretary of State must within one year of the passing of this Act make regulations under section 1(1) of the Building Act 1984 (power to make building regulations ) for the purpose of ensuring that all new homes in England built from 1 April 2018 achieve the carbon compliance standard.(2) For the purpose of subsection (1), “carbon compliance standard” means an improvement on the target carbon dioxide emission rate , as set out in the Building Regulations 2006, of—(a) 60% in the case of detached houses;(b) 56% in the case of attached houses; and(c) 44% in the case of flats.”

Zero carbon housing dissertation

zero carbon housing dissertation


zero carbon housing dissertationzero carbon housing dissertationzero carbon housing dissertationzero carbon housing dissertation