Who is my role model and why essay

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However, the biggest controversy of the 2000s was the health of high-fashion models participating in fashion week. While the health of models had been a concern since the 1970s, there were several high-profile news stories surrounding the deaths of young fashion models due to eating disorders and drug abuse . The British Fashion Council subsequently asked designers to sign a contract stating they would not use models under the age of sixteen. [30] On March 3, 2012, Vogue banned models under the age of sixteen as well as models who appeared to have an eating disorder. [31] Similarly, other countries placed bans on unhealthy, and underage models, including Spain , Italy , and Israel , which all enacted a minimum body mass index (BMI) requirement. [32] In 2013, New York toughened its child labor law protections for models under the age of eighteen by passing New York Senate Bill No. 5486, which gives underage models the same labor protections afforded to child actors. Key new protections included the following: underage models are not to work before 5:00 pm or after 10:00 pm on school nights, nor were they to work later than 12:30 am on non-school nights; the models may not return to work less than twelve hours after they leave; a pediatric nurse must be on site; models under sixteen must be accompanied by an adult chaperone; parents or guardians of underage models must create a trust fund account into which employers will transfer a minimum of 15% of the child model 's gross earnings; and employers must set aside time and a dedicated space for educational instruction. [33]

Nurses across the system wanted to have their roles better defined and to be more empowered so as to deliver better care. In 2009, the head of the Nursing Institute, Executive Chief Nursing Officer (ECNO) Sarah Sinclair, established a system-wide organization with four Associate Chief Nursing Officers (ACNOs), respectively responsible for Clinical Practice and Research; Informatics; Clinical Education and Professional Development; and Care Management and Social Work. The organization also includes a Human Resource Business Partner and System Executive/Director of Nursing Operations Integration, both of whom reported to the ECNO. Finally, the chief nursing officers for each of the 11 hospitals report directly to the ECNO. With this structure in place, efforts commenced to standardize nursing across the system.

Who is my role model and why essay

who is my role model and why essay


who is my role model and why essaywho is my role model and why essaywho is my role model and why essaywho is my role model and why essay