Water our most precious resource essay

Sectoral water allocation policies in selected ESCWA member countries. An evaluation of the economic, social and drought-related impact [ - 589 KB]
United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (UNESCWA). 2003
It is intended that this study constitute both a reference document for policy- and decision-making processes relating to the management of water supplies in the ESCWA region, and an evaluation tool for decisions that have already been made regarding the allocation of water resources to various sectors. As such, its beneficiaries will be primarily policy and decision makers involved in the daily management of the ESCWA region's diminishing water resources. It is hoped that the study will also be of use to other professionals in the field, and will inform the general public on the issues surrounding sectoral water allocation and how optimal allocation can ensure sustainable, equitable and efficient use of the region's water resources.

Because all water sites seem to deal in acre feet, let’s do comparisons in those figures. million gallons equals acre feet. Estimated water usage from four mines per year using Arizona Mining Inc’s (Wildcat Silver) numbers comes out to 3,139 acre feet. The Santa Cruz Active Management Municipal Areas which includes Nogales, Rio Rico, Tubac, Arivaca, uses 7800 acre feet of water per year. That does not include Patagonia, Sonoita or Elgin. Mining in the Patagonia Mountains could potentially use almost half of all the water used annually in the most populated cities in Santa Cruz County.

Water our most precious resource essay

water our most precious resource essay


water our most precious resource essaywater our most precious resource essaywater our most precious resource essaywater our most precious resource essay