War debate essay

I want his land his wife his son his daughter I want what he's got is why war starts. If everyone could just be ok with what they have and share there gifts with people who don't there would be no war. I'm 16 years old and I know that there's not one man that comes back after killing people and watching his friends die just come out and say I love war. No who cares if they have a different religion then you let make there own choices. And if they don't believe in freedom lead by example don't shoot some of them or blow them up because we all no that's not how people agree with you. Ow look you shot my brother well i guess you where right all along.

America’s war footprint broadens simply because the business of America has become more firmly the business of war. At this point, it is enormously profitable for the very large concerns whose profits are derived from war. We don’t seem to recognize how dependent we have become on a war economy as everything else downsized and offshored. Ending war would be, in the sort term, an economic disaster to both corporate profits and employment, a double political whammy no politician considering ending them could survive. In the short term, expanding wars are profitable economically and politically. In the long term? As Galbraith put it, we’re all dead.

Mothers and older generations of women joined the opposition movement, as advocates for peace and people opposed to the effects of the war and the draft on the generation of young men. These women saw the draft as one of the most disliked parts of the war machine and sought to undermine the war itself through undermining the draft. Another Mother for Peace and WSP often held free draft counseling centers to give young men legal and illegal methods to oppose the draft. [13] Members of Women For Peace showed up at the White House every Sunday for 8 years from 11 to 1 for a peace vigil. [16] Such female antiwar groups often relied on maternalism, the image of women as peaceful caretakers of the world, to express and accomplish their goals. The government often saw middle-aged women involved in such organizations as the most dangerous members of the opposition movement because they were ordinary citizens who quickly and efficiently mobilized. [17]

War debate essay

war debate essay


war debate essaywar debate essaywar debate essaywar debate essay