Ubc thesis citations

you know 9/11 and the war on terror is just a joke in many americans eyes we fall for anything and stand for nothing this is not a slap in the face for the president well maybe it is but not just him but for the democrats and the republicans you guys just dont get it we as americans real americans are sick and tired of both of the do nothing partys one party drops it pants to do the bidding of the presidents the other bitches and complain has no balls to stand up and say what is right you could have impeached the president and vice president but you spineless bastards choose not to but you wont us to stand united give me a brake both partys talk out of both sides of their mouths so you dont know what to believe you have bias television networks and you know who you are need i say more you have gas prices shooting out of the roof half of the united states is not even owned by the united states we are in debt to foreign countrys who dont give a damn about us just like some of our elected officials but you wont me to stand and place my on my chest to ay a few words that half of the kids in the united states schools system wont even stand up for do me a favor both partys just retire you are to old too rich and too spoil to solve my problems to make america a better place let the true americans have a shot at your job you have fucked it up enough.

Ubc thesis citations

ubc thesis citations


ubc thesis citationsubc thesis citationsubc thesis citationsubc thesis citations