Tribute essay outline

PHOTO AT RIGHT:  Looking east toward the crash site, located several miles north of Clear Lake.
Top Row, Left:  Wolfman Jack singing with Jeff Schmahl ("Professor") and Pat Brown ("Hound Dog") of The Whitesidewalls – Feb. 3, 1979.
Top Row, Right:  At the special monument dedication at the Surf in June, 1988: Bob Hale (MC), Ritchie Valens' sister Irma, Maria Elena Holly, J. P. Richardson, Jr. , Ritchie's other sister Connie, and the late, great Darrel Hein, for many years the manager of the Surf Ballroom.
Middle Row, Left:  Randy Chesterman, perennial host of the Friday night sock-hop.
Middle Row, Right:  Governor Branstad among friends in Feb., 1992.
Bottom Row, Left:  The original Peggy Sue with Bill Griggs – Feb., 1994.
Bottom Row, Center:  The original Donna with June Bugg from Madison, WI. – Feb., 1994.
Bottom Row, Right:  U. K. fan Clive Harvey with Mike Berry – Feb. 5, 1993.

Teachers or counselors can reinforce taught concepts in spontaneously arising situations (Knaus, 1974, 1977a, 1977b, 2004; Knaus & Haberstroh 1993). For example, asking a student to use a coping skill in a problem situation, when the student does not know the skill, is generally impractical. On the other hand, once the student has learned and practiced an REE concept, promptinga student to use a tested coping strategy, can prove productive. This application prompting method shows students that they truly do have choices in how they respond to problem situations, and can experience a sense of reward from applying a new REE taught skill.

Tribute essay outline

tribute essay outline


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