Travelling through the dark essay

“Most all of the gas in Europe is 100 to 102 octane, so my motor loved it. I’m only running compression, so the fuel was good and it usually ran from $7 to $9 a gallon. Gas stations were everywhere and very clean, but you do pay a Euro or two to use their restrooms. Rest areas are very clean, but not as frequent as in the . Burger Kings are everywhere, though we always ate local food and it was so good. American companies are everywhere. Everyone was very nice and they always wanted to sit in the car and were always polite to ask if they could take a picture. It made a lot of people’s day and really made our day. In the 21st century, it’s the universal language to have a hot rod.

Authorities emphasize the importance of taking precautions to ensure travel safety . [13] When traveling abroad, the odds favor a safe and incident-free trip, however, travelers can be subject to difficulties, crime and violence. [14] Some safety considerations include being aware of one's surroundings, [13] avoiding being the target of a crime, [13] leaving copies of one's passport and itinerary information with trusted people, [13] obtaining medical insurance valid in the country being visited [13] and registering with one's national embassy when arriving in a foreign country. [13] Many countries do not recognize drivers' licenses from other countries; however most countries accept international driving permits . [15] Automobile insurance policies issued in one's own country are often invalid in foreign countries, and it is often a requirement to obtain temporary auto insurance valid in the country being visited. [15] It is also advisable to become oriented with the driving-rules and -regulations of destination countries. [15] Wearing a seat belt is highly advisable for safety reasons; many countries have penalties for violating seatbelt laws . [15]

Travelling through the dark essay

travelling through the dark essay


travelling through the dark essaytravelling through the dark essaytravelling through the dark essaytravelling through the dark essay