Spelman essay topic

I loved this article and am so very sorry for your loss. Losing a pet is absolute agony for those of us who love them so deeply. My father passed in 2004 and was a man who showed little emotion. Throughout my entire life I only saw him shed tears twice, When my mother packed up suddenly and left the family and again when we had to have our 12 year old Great Dane put down. Now that I’m grown with a family of my own I will be facing the same heartbreak in a few more years. We have a 5 year old Beagle with Epilepsy, a Dachsund-Chihuahua mix to keep her company, 3 indoor cats and a slew of outdoor cats who I provide outdoor shelter from the cold and food everyday. My 16 year old daughter is very reserved and quiet though brilliant and cares about nothing more then her grades and her Beagle. I know the time will come when she (and her younger brother and sister) will be heartbroken over Layla’s demise. It is a constant source of stress and worry for me. Will she be able to handle it? Will she become deeply depressed? I pray when the time comes for Layla to pass on, as well as our other beloved pets my children will be able to grieve openly and then be happy knowing their pets were loved by our family and had a beautiful home. I do believe that all of the years of companionship and unconditional love they give to us is certainly worth the grieving process in the end. Those memories will always be there, They’ll never fade.

Spelman essay topic

spelman essay topic


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