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After winning the Battle of Hastings , William, Duke of Normandy was crowned King of England in the newly completed Westminster Abbey on Christmas Day 1066. [70] William constructed the Tower of London , the first of the many Norman castles in England to be rebuilt in stone, in the southeastern corner of the city, to intimidate the native inhabitants. [71] In 1097, William II began the building of Westminster Hall , close by the abbey of the same name. The hall became the basis of a new Palace of Westminster . [72] [73]

Advocates for financial reform, however, see banks and financial institutions as a large part of the problem of rising debt. In the 1980s, most states, including California, stopped enforcing any limit on credit card interest rates. "Late fees," according to the Demos report, "have become the fastest growing source of revenue for the industry, jumping from billion in 1996 to billion in 2002." Credit card companies continue to lower the monthly payment, increasing the length of time and cost to pay off the debt. Meanwhile credit card companies aggressively pursue new customers.

It has been estimated that more than half of Ethiopia's produce is transported by pack animals, reflecting the inadequacy of the country's road network and the rugged terrain. About 75% of Ethiopian farms are more than a one-day walk to the nearest road. The road system in 2003 comprised an estimated 33,856 km (21,058 mi), of which 4,367 km (2,716 mi) were paved. The number of passenger cars in use in 2003 was 63,200, and the number of commercial vehicles was 48,900. As of 2003, there was only one vehicle registered for every 1, inhabitants. Bus services link provincial centers to the capital.

Sample wpe essays

sample wpe essays


sample wpe essayssample wpe essayssample wpe essayssample wpe essays