Research papers on sdlc models

Project Closeout allows the organization an opportunity to capture and apply lessons learned on this project to all future projects; from the Project Management perspective, the importance of this phase is only eclipsed by the success of the system itself. It starts with an honest assessment of the project's performance, followed by identification of best practices and lessons learned. The Project Assessment report is the repository of the knowledge acquired the hard way, and is the vehicle for communicating that knowledge to the rest of the organization. Above all else, it highlights the value of the formal Project Management approach and its benefits to the organization.

Advertising, since time in memorial, has been used in different circumstances by business to build powerful business force. In definition, as proposed by Brewster & Palmer, 2001, advertising may be referred to the purchased publicity conducted in a pre-planned way to seduce potential clients to act, think or behave as per the advertisers’ desires. According to Robert Hearth, advertisement is a tool that is most effective in persuading any potential and existing consumers to consumer certain products. According to him, companies that use advertising are amongst the most successful ones in the world (Heath 2012).

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Research papers on sdlc models

research papers on sdlc models


research papers on sdlc modelsresearch papers on sdlc modelsresearch papers on sdlc modelsresearch papers on sdlc models