Rehabilitations and other essays

The physiological resorption of alveolar process in the corono-apical and vestibular-palatal direction following tooth loss often does not allow the positioning of implants in the posterior part of the upper jaw without an adequate bone reconstruction. The functional load exerted on the residual crest which transforms into compression force favors centripetal and cranio-caudal bone resorption (Cawood et al. 1988) with consequent reduction in size of the alveolar process associated with a progressive pneumatization of the maxillary sinus.

Byron Private Drug Alcohol Rehabilitation Center is a life saving facility.  There was nothing in New Zealand that could offer us a therapy program for our daughter.  The only option was to put her on a regime of strong drugs while we waited for another episode. There is still work to do but we now have hope of a recovery.  She will return to Byron Private for workshops from time to time and is starting to see it as a safe place to do the hard work.  Byron Private is caring and treats the person not the disease, by treating the person, they reduce the disease. Patricia

Rehabilitations and other essays

rehabilitations and other essays


rehabilitations and other essaysrehabilitations and other essaysrehabilitations and other essaysrehabilitations and other essays