Problem of deforestation essay

Here are facts about deforestation:
•Most of the current deforestation is taking place in Latin America, Africa, and Southeast Asia.
•An estimated 25% of the wood that’s harvested around the world goes toward paper production.
•Sustainable forestry practices (removal of trees and vegetation to promote regeneration) are not considered deforestation.
•Deforestation can lead to soil erosion, which can in turn cause water pollution problems.
•Deforestation is one of the contributors to global warming and climate change .
•Seven countries in the world (Brazil, Canada, the United States, Indonesia, China, Russia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo) have contributed to 60% of the deforestation on the Earth.
•Since 1970, the Amazon forest (in Brazil) has shrunk by 15%.

The biggest threat to trees and forests is air pollution. The background level of tropospheric ozone is highly toxic to vegetation and it is inexorably rising as precursors released from agriculture and burning fossil fuels travel around the world and affect even remote areas. Ozone is invisible but damages leaves and needles. When plants absorb it their natural immunity to biotic pathogens is compromised, resulting in epidemics of insects, disease and fungus. Ozone causes roots to shrinking making trees more vulnerable to drought and wind. See http:/// for links to research.

Problem of deforestation essay

problem of deforestation essay


problem of deforestation essayproblem of deforestation essayproblem of deforestation essayproblem of deforestation essay