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Great List. I would say that point 14 (practice) is the difference between a good and great presentation. I work daily with professionals helping them with their presentations visual communication through the use of PowerPoint Templates ( http:// ) and even with a great presentations deck, people may struggle to tell a story. And not because the deck is not appealing, or the speech is weak, but because the lack of rehearsal reduces the chances of the presenter to ignite the audience interest. My two cents for people that really want to excel at presentations is to create a rehearsal roadmap, make sure you are presenting regularly (twice a week). When an important presentation will come, you already have been exposed to the exercise and presentations will be much more enjoyable, for you and for your audience.

A timeline is probably one of the most used diagrams in a business presentation. Whether you want to represent milestones of your organization’s growth or year wise progress of your project, you can’t do without a timeline chart.
Why create a ready to use template for timeline?
The answer is simple: to leverage your effort multiple times . Since every other presentation has timeline represented in some form or the other, it makes sense to create a set of good templates to show timeline. You can pick and stick the chart instantly to give a professional look to your slides.
Here are some basic ways you can create a timeline template:

Powerpoint ideas

powerpoint ideas


powerpoint ideaspowerpoint ideaspowerpoint ideaspowerpoint ideas