Politicians of pakistan essay

The world has changed a lot. Our corrupt politician also need to change for the sake of our Pakistan - I would love to say that our people will vote the corrupt politicians out but unfortunately in Pakistan history is not with us - just look at Sindh and the way the poor people of Sindh, time after time, keep voting for the PPP despite its nil performance in the office and massive corruption by its leadership. So even after this well documented trail of corruption and money laundering by both PML-N and PPP politicians our people will vote for them again and again unless of course there is a sea change thru ballot box or we have a real revolution when these politicians are made to pay for their miss-deeds and forsaken and forgotten for ever and ever by the people. So plse pray for poor people of Pakistan that one day justice is done.

Politicians of pakistan essay

politicians of pakistan essay


politicians of pakistan essaypoliticians of pakistan essaypoliticians of pakistan essaypoliticians of pakistan essay