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Some argue that extant models of digital physics violate various postulates of quantum physics . [35] For example, if these models are not grounded in Hilbert spaces and probabilities, they belong to the class of theories with local hidden variables that have so far been ruled out experimentally using Bell's theorem . This criticism has two possible answers. First, any notion of locality in the digital model does not necessarily have to correspond to locality formulated in the usual way in the emergent spacetime . A concrete example of this case was given by Lee Smolin . [36] [ specify ] Another possibility is a well-known loophole in Bell's theorem known as superdeterminism (sometimes referred to as predeterminism). [37] In a completely deterministic model, the experimenter's decision to measure certain components of the spins is predetermined. Thus, the assumption that the experimenter could have decided to measure different components of the spins than he actually did is, strictly speaking, not true.

Oxford thesis latex template

oxford thesis latex template


oxford thesis latex templateoxford thesis latex templateoxford thesis latex templateoxford thesis latex template