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Hi sir your suggestions are really awesome inspiring it helped me a lot there r some questions in my mind Sir honestly speaking I am very good in maths and I do it at least for one hour even on a hectic day but sir I don’t know every time during the exams my marks in maths come in between 75% to 80% but in other subjects it around 90% and above sir my teachers also appreciate me for doing maths so nicely and I am the one who gives the first answer on any question related to maths but in exams my marks goes down please help me sir I want to score more than 90% in maths sir another question is in organic chemistry I always tend to leave organic part because of so many reactions sir what should I do to have a interest in it and what is the way to study it properly and sir will u kindly tell in maths physics and chemistry which things I should give more focus sorry sir I have asked u so much questions I am wasting your precious time but eagerly waiting for your answer sir thank u in advance sir.

Order science papers online

order science papers online


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