Obesity in children term paper

As a rule, treatment with medicines is not usually used to help children and teenagers lose weight. However, in rare cases, the medicine orlistat may be prescribed to help children aged 12 or over who are severely obese; in particular, if they have started to develop health problems because of their obesity. Orlistat works by interfering with the way that fat is digested and absorbed into the body. If a teenager is prescribed orlistat, this should be under the guidance of a specialist weight loss clinic where overweight and obese children are seen regularly. If prescribed this medicine, the child or teenager will need regular follow-up.

And possibly as an example of a more bizarre sounding use of resources to get children to become more active, in Britain, a chocolate company was promoting sports equipment in return for vouchers and coupons from chocolate bars. The more you ate, the more sports equipment you would get, presumably to burn off the excesses eaten! The UK’s Food Commission called this absurd and contradictory and pointed out that if children consumed all the promotional chocolate bars they would eat nearly two million kilos of fat and more than 36 billion calories.

The rate of obesity among children and adolescents in the United States has nearly tripled between the early 1980s and 2000. It has however not changed significantly between 2000 and 2006 with the most recent statistics showing a level just over 17 percent. [91] In 2008, the rate of overweight and obese children in the United States was 32%, and had stopped climbing. [92] In 2011, a national cohort study of infants and toddlers found that nearly one-third of US children were overweight or obese at 9 months and 2 years old. [93] In a follow-up study, infant weight status (healthy and obese) was strongly associated with preschool weight status. [94]

Obesity in children term paper

obesity in children term paper


obesity in children term paperobesity in children term paperobesity in children term paperobesity in children term paper