New deal essay questions

The Economy Act , drafted by Budget Director Lewis Williams Douglas , was passed on March 14, 1933. The act proposed to balance the "regular" (non-emergency) federal budget by cutting the salaries of government employees and cutting pensions to veterans by fifteen percent. It saved $500 million per year and reassured deficit hawks, such as Douglas, that the new President was fiscally conservative. Roosevelt argued there were two budgets: the "regular" federal budget, which he balanced, and the emergency budget , which was needed to defeat the depression. It was imbalanced on a temporary basis. [37]

At its height in 1936, the FAP employed 5,300 visual artists and related professionals. Director Cahill oversaw several major endeavors: a murals project executed more than 2,500 murals in hospitals, schools and other public places; an easel painting division produced nearly 108,000 paintings; a sculpture division produced some 18,000 pieces; a graphic arts workshop; a photography project served mainly to document the WPA; a scenic design division provided models of historic stage sets and architectural models for planning and educational use; a poster division; and a stained glass division centered in New York.

New deal essay questions

new deal essay questions


new deal essay questionsnew deal essay questionsnew deal essay questionsnew deal essay questions