Leisure activities essay

Railways, the bicycle, the automobile and the airplane – they drastically changed people's mobility. These developments also influenced leisure-time travel, making new destinations accessible. 43 The British rail companies introduced trains that were used exclusively for excursions already at an early stage of railway development. As a result, coastal locations were now as accessible as attractive regions closer to home. Sporting events and industrial fairs were also target destinations for special trains. Adding to the excursion traffic of regular trains, these special trains already carried several million passengers by 1860. 44 Contemporaries were well aware that a new type of mobility had emerged which they equated with progress:

"This matter of presents gave us many an anxious moment. We were humiliated by the realisation of how little there was we could give to the Bushmen. Almost everything seemed likely to make life more difficult for them by adding to the litter and weight of their daily round. They themselves had practically no possessions: a loin strap, a skin blanket and a leather satchel. There was nothing that they could not assemble in one minute, wrap up in their blankets and carry on their shoulders for a journey of a thousand miles. They had no sense of possession."

Leisure activities essay

leisure activities essay


leisure activities essayleisure activities essayleisure activities essayleisure activities essay