Ib english comparative essays

Two years, or equivalent to the 2nd level of high school instruction, of the same language other than English are required. (Three years/3rd level of high school instruction recommended). Courses should emphasize speaking and understanding, and include instruction in grammar, vocabulary, reading, composition and culture. American Sign Language and classical languages, such as Latin and Greek, are acceptable. Courses taken in the seventh and eighth grades may be used to fulfill part or all of this requirement if the high school accepts them as equivalent to its own courses.

In June 2014, Dr Sam Szeto joined International Scholars Tuition as a Chemistry tutor. He earned both his Bachelor of Science Honours (with First Class standing) and Doctorate of Philosophy degrees in Biochemistry from the University of Alberta  (CAN). During his graduate training and academic career, Dr Szeto has been the recipient of awards for scholastic and research excellence at both the provincial and national level. These include a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Postgraduate Scholarship and an Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research Studentship.

Students taking Calculus I (MTH 207), Calculus II (MTH 208), Linear Algebra with Differential Equations (MTH 309) or Calculus III (MTH 310) and earning a grade of "B" or better, will be given retroactive credit for Precalculus (MTH 151) provided the student's transcript shows no record of prior or concurrent enrollment in MTH 151, MTH 207, MTH 208, MTH 309 or MTH 310. 

Precalculus (MTH 151) is a course on properties, graphs, and applications of elementary transcendental functions. Topics include concepts from analytic geometry; theory of equations; the logarithmic, exponential, trigonometric, and inverse trigonometric functions; and analytic trigonometry.

Ib english comparative essays

ib english comparative essays


ib english comparative essaysib english comparative essaysib english comparative essaysib english comparative essays