Families research paper single parents

Most of research conducted on family socialization highlights the process through which parents hand down their values to their children. However, this research tends to assume that most individuals have lived in two different types of family environments during the course of their lives: the family of origin and the family into which they marry. It has been suggested that a person learns behavior from the family of origin and that he or she later transmits these behaviors into the marital family. Unfortunately, the results of these various research projects have tended to not take into consideration the effects of divorce and remarriage on the family socialization process.

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To understand why, it is crucial to note that the previously discussed income-based achievement gaps are present even before children enter kindergarten.  Figure A   shows gaps in a number of average measures of achievement and school readiness among kindergarteners of different socioeconomic statuses. The figure shows test results from assessments of math and reading as well as teacher-reported summaries of “persistence in completing tasks.” Each assessment is measured relative to the bottom socioeconomic status fifth, and in all cases achievement and school readiness rise steadily as socioeconomic status rises.

Families research paper single parents

families research paper single parents


families research paper single parentsfamilies research paper single parentsfamilies research paper single parentsfamilies research paper single parents