Evolutionary biology thesis topics

This vision reflects the original intent of the serial publication Evolutionary Biology, first published in 1967 as a forum in which some of the most important papers in Evolutionary Biology appeared. The topics varied greatly and many of the papers were synthetic in nature. Although some existing journals deal with various facets of evolutionary biology, Evolutionary Biology fills the need for a journal which remains true to the vision and intent laid out by Dobzhansky et al. but that is adapted to today's publication environment. Evolutionary Biology provides a focal point for broad syntheses, in-depth treatment and controversial ideas.

Project Director: Professor Clyde F. Herreid
Team Members:
         Fred Stoss, Sciences Librarian, Arts & Sciences Libraries
Scott Hollander, Library Information Technology Specialist, University Libraries
Donald Trainor, Digital Media Specialist, Art & Photographic Services
Jim Ulrich, Photographer, Art & Photographic Services
Monica Carter, Digital Photographer, Art & Photographic Services
Perry Schlanger, Dept. of Biological Sciences
Jason Merritt, Graduate Assistant, Dept. of Biological Sciences

Evolutionary biology thesis topics

evolutionary biology thesis topics


evolutionary biology thesis topicsevolutionary biology thesis topicsevolutionary biology thesis topicsevolutionary biology thesis topics