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Muslim scholars were divided on the motives behind Cain's murder of Abel, and further why the two brothers were obliged to offer sacrifices to God. Some scholars believed that Cain's motives were plain jealousy and lust. Both Cain and Abel desired to marry Adam's beautiful daughter, Aclima ( Aqlimia ' in Arabic). Seeking to end to the dispute between them, Adam suggested that each present an offering before God. The one whose offering God accepted would marry Aclima. Abel, a generous shepherd, offered the fattest of his sheep as an oblation to God. But Cain, a miserly farmer, offered only a bunch of grass and some worthless seeds to him. God accepted Abel's offering and rejected Cain's—an indication that Abel was more righteous than Cain, and thus worthier of Aclima. As a result, it was decided that Abel would marry Aclima. Cain, on the other hand, would marry her less beautiful sister. Blinded by anger and lust for Aclima, Cain sought to get revenge on Abel and escape with Aclima. [57] [58]

However, I am not interested in religious spam, newsletters I have not signed up for, non-personal emails, group emails, sales offers, slams against the Churches of God in general, broad-brushed condemnations of my writings by those who cannot cite where my references may be in error, nor peoples' personal prophetic theories that disagree with what those in the Continuing Church of God believe. If you feel that somehow God h as given you a special prophetic message or insight, please contact an appropriate COG minister for your geographical area to discuss that--do NOT CONTACT ME (my not taking time to shoot down contrary doctrines should not be interpreted that I "couldn't find anything wrong" with them as some have improperly claimed). If the minister believes that I should be involved, he will contact me. If you will not do this, then please understand that I will not respect any such subm issions. If you are not serious enough to contact a real Church of God minister, please understand that I consider such people as unwilling to accept biblical church governance and/or as religious hobbyists as opposed to those who are truly willing to be led by God--even if you think you are an apostle, prophet (see also How To Determine If Someone is a True Prophet of God ), one of the two witnesses (see also Who Are The Two Witnesses? ), specially-called, had some dream/vision, etc.

Eve online dissertation

eve online dissertation


eve online dissertationeve online dissertationeve online dissertationeve online dissertation