Essay on realism literature

Social realism is one in which education comes through the contact of man with things. They maintained that study of classical language is an inadequate preparation for the real life of the society. Therefore, it advocates participation in active social life, which can be acquired through social contacts with people, through travels. It does not entirely do away with the language, but relegates it to a second place. Social Realism was advocated Montaingue. According to him, “The best of art named as that of living is acquired by living and not by learning from books.”

On alternate weekends, he plays cricket on Staten Island, the sole white man in a cricket club that includes Chuck Ramkissoon, a Trinidadian wiseacre, whose outsize dreams of building a cricket stadium in the city represent a Gatsbyesque commitment to the American Dream/human possibility/narrative with which Hans himself is struggling to keep faith. The stage is set, then, for a “meditation” on identities both personal and national, immigrant relations, terror, anxiety, the attack of futility on the human consciousness and the defense against same: meaning. In other words, it’s the post–September 11 novel we hoped for. (Were there calls, in 1915, for the Lusitania novel? In 1985, was the Bhopal novel keenly anticipated?) It’s as if, by an act of collective prayer, we have willed it into existence.

A recurring trend in Christian art was "realism" that emphasized the humanity of religious figures, above all Christ and his physical sufferings in his Passion . Following trends in devotional literature , this developed in the Late Middle Ages , where some painted wooden sculptures in particular strayed into the grotesque in portraying Christ covered in wounds and blood, with the intention of stimulating the viewer to meditate on the suffering that Christ had undergone on his behalf. These were especially found in Germany and Central Europe . After abating in the Renaissance, similar works re-appeared in the Baroque , especially in Spanish sculpture.

Essay on realism literature

essay on realism literature


essay on realism literatureessay on realism literatureessay on realism literatureessay on realism literature