Ek onkar essay

Good morning friends, now answer sheets have been sealed and locked and so is our result. Discussion is good but no need to fretter about & do the autopsy of each question. Each has worked hard and each to his understanding has answered to the best of his knowledge and state of mind during those two hours. We all have made judicious choices and silly mistakes. Its normal to be anxious about cut off but now let the ‘God’ do his part. Just relax for 1 or 2 days more and get back to mains and those who have cleared their respective state CSE or other exams please also do not ignore those mains too. God is there and something are best left to him. Never underestimate the power of Prayer and keep moving. Perspiration and persistence never goes waste but we shall have perseverance too and thank you Vinay sir, Insights has helped me organise my skewed preparation for CSP-15. Now help & guide us with mains too because I am totally clueless and directionless now. God bless us all.

Sikhism shares some similarities with Hinduism and Islam. Some claim Guru Nanak tried to include in Sikhism what he thought were the good beliefs of these two religions. Like Islam, Sikhism believes in the existence of one invisible God. And, like Hinduism the religion believes in theory of Karma and reincarnation, meaning a person’s actions in his life decides his fate in the next incarnation. The Sikhs also cremate their dead ones as is done in Hinduism. In Sikhism everyone has equal rights irrespective of caste, creed, color, race, sex or religion. Sikhism rejects pilgrimage, fasting, superstitions and other such rituals. Sikhism does not have a clergy class as it considers this as a gateway to corruption. However they have readers and singers in their temples.

Ek onkar essay

ek onkar essay


ek onkar essayek onkar essayek onkar essayek onkar essay