Edexcel physics coursework 2011

Minds On Physics - Legacy Version is the browser-based, Shockwave-dependent version of Minds On Physics the App. Relying on the Shockwave plug-in and a collection of carefully crafted questions, the Legacy Version of MOPs seeks to improve students' conceptions of physics. Formerly named the Minds On Physics Internet Modules, this Shockwave-delivered program combines interactive questioning modules with web-based instructional resources to engage students in an exercise in thinking, reflecting and learning. Students will enjoy using these for practice and teachers can use them as homework assignments.

Paper Type of Paper Duration Marks Weighting time                     marks         AS Level             A Level 1 Multiple Choice                        1 hour                   40              31%                      15% 2 AS Structured Questions        1 hour                  60              46%                       23% 3 Advanced Practical Skills 1/2                                                    2 hours               40            23%                        12% 4 A2 Structured Questions         2 hours               100                                           38% 5 Planning, Analysis and Evaluation                                      1 hour 15 min    30                                            12%

Edexcel physics coursework 2011

edexcel physics coursework 2011


edexcel physics coursework 2011edexcel physics coursework 2011edexcel physics coursework 2011edexcel physics coursework 2011