Drugs abuse among teenagers essay

In another study, Godwin, schussing, miller, Hermansen and winoker (1974), compared the sons of alcoholic parents who were adopted in infancy by non-alcoholic parents. Both adopted and non-adopted sons later showed evidence of high rate of alcoholism – 25 percent and 19 percent respectively. Roe, Burks and mittlemen (1945), followed the case histories of 36 children who had been taken from securely alcoholic parents and placed in fostered homes. They found that the likely-hood of their becoming alcoholic turned out to be no greater than that of a control group of 25 children of non-alcoholic parents.

It might begin with experimenting. A friend or your loved one’s must have tried it once out of curiosity because of friends or just to cope up with a problem. In the early stages, one might really find it helpful to erase some problems or make one’s life better, which leads to more and more consumption of drugs. But as addiction reaches a step further, it becomes more of a need rather than just a problem solver. Even for simple petty issues which can be solved will result in drug abuse because one is so used to it that without consumption of the same, one just cannot think of anything.

Drug use prevention programmes are effective when they respond to the needs of a community, involve all the relevant sectors and are based on scientific evidence; effective programmes should also incorporate strong monitoring and evaluation components. Such programmes are also cost effective. It has been shown that, for every dollar spent, good programmes for the prevention of drug use among youth can save up to 10 dollars!
The current project (GLO-K01) aims to prevent drug use, HIV/AIDS and crime among young people through family skills training programmes in low- and middle-income countries worldwide .

Drugs abuse among teenagers essay

drugs abuse among teenagers essay


drugs abuse among teenagers essaydrugs abuse among teenagers essaydrugs abuse among teenagers essaydrugs abuse among teenagers essay