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What about the use of mediative/consulting techniques to understand different perspectives of the psychological contract for different layers, genders and ages of staff and comparing it to the management view as conveyed officially (policies and working practice) v theoretically (eg a manager saying 'training is a luxury, they should be grateful for that, we don't have to do it, its a day off, really.' when the policy/spiel says 'professional development is an essential part of our mission to develop a motivated workforce').

You would need to introduce the idea of the psych contract in doing this, but some organisations would like you to. Most people get the idea 'what do you expect from employer? 'Oh I expect if I am good at the job I will get promoted' compared with manager saying 'well they are expected to do the job well, so I don't see why they should get anything for just doing it well. That's not a promotion thing, to promote someone I need to see that they want to be promoted, by -kissing my ass-- taking on additional work and neglecting their donkey work or 'they only get promoted if they get the right qualification/doing current job for five years, not by being good'

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It is the policy of the OAH to honor those applicants who submit their applications on or before the stated deadline date.  Applications that are not postmarked by close of business on the deadline date will not be considered. Bound page proofs may be used for books to be published after the postmark deadline for each book award and before January 1 of the following year. Electronic files will not be accepted. If a bound page proof is submitted, a bound copy of the entry must be sent to each committee member and postmarked no later than January 8 of the year in which the award or prize is given.  Bound page proofs not followed with a bound copy of the book will not be considered.  If a book carries a copyright date that is different from the publication date, but the actual publication date falls during the correct time frame, making it eligible, please include a letter of explanation from the publisher with each copy of the book sent to the committee members.

Dissertation prizes

dissertation prizes


dissertation prizesdissertation prizesdissertation prizesdissertation prizes