Bipolar disorder research paper apa form

Lesley Berk is an experienced psychologist (MA Clin Psych) and has recently completed a PhD. As a clinician she has worked both with people with bipolar disorder and their families. She previously developed and helped trial a group therapy intervention for people with bipolar disorder. Lesley currently works as a Research Fellow at Deakin University and has an honorary appointment at the University of Melbourne. Tony Jorm (PhD, DSc), a Professorial Fellow in the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health at the University of Melbourne, is a mental health researcher interested in improving the capacity of the community to take action on mental disorders. Claire Kelly has a PhD and develops and trains members of the public to use Mental Health First Aid guidelines about how to assist a person experiencing a mental health problem or crisis until they access professional help. Seetal Dodd  (PhD, MSc) is an Associate Professor engaged in bipolar disorder research at Deakin University. Michael Berk (PhD, FRANZCP) is Alfred Deakin Professor at Deakin University, and is a psychiatrist with clinical and research expertise in bipolar disorder.

Certain types of psychotherapy , used in combination with medication, may provide some benefit in the treatment of bipolar disorders. Psychoeducation has been shown to be effective in improving patients' compliance with their lithium treatment. [38] Evidence of the efficacy of family therapy is not adequate to support unrestricted recommendation of its use. [39] There is "fair support" for the utility of cognitive therapy . Evidence for the efficacy of other psychotherapies is absent or weak, [40] often not being performed under randomized and controlled conditions. [41] Well-designed [41] studies have found interpersonal and social rhythm therapy to be ineffective. [42]

Bipolar disorder research paper apa form

bipolar disorder research paper apa form


bipolar disorder research paper apa formbipolar disorder research paper apa formbipolar disorder research paper apa formbipolar disorder research paper apa form