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For font attractiveness, Georgia was perceived as being more attractive than Arial, Courier, and Comic, while Times was perceived as more attractive than Courier. This contrasts with participants’ general preference for a particular font type. Overall, Verdana was the most preferred font, while Times was the least preferred. Thus it seems that the Georgia and Times serif fonts are considered more attractive, but they are generally less preferred. Of the fonts studied, Verdana appears to be the best overall font choice. Besides being the most preferred, it was read fairly quickly and was perceived as being legible.

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GRA Ventures is Georgia’s only non-profit catalyst for seeding and shaping companies around research at multiple universities.
As the commercialization arm of the Georgia Research Alliance, GRA Ventures:

  • seeks and identifies university discoveries and inventions that have market potential;
  • makes key investments in the most promising ventures at the earliest stages;
  • develops a pool of experienced CEOs, mentors, and domain experts to help guide or lead the newly launched enterprises; and
  • shares best practices and provides other support – all to help grow more companies from universities and create more high-value jobs.

Since 2002, GRA Ventures (formerly known as GRA VentureLab) has accelerated the formation and launch of university-based start-ups by:
  • Evaluating more than 1000 proposals for more than 400 unique university technologies and inventions
  • Advancing to market 300 distinct university technologies with multi-phase commercialization grants totaling $22 million
  • Providing $10 million in low-interest loans to 42 of the most promising companies
Today, 150 active university-based companies have received crucial support from GRA Ventures. These enterprises have brought to Georgia more than a billion dollars in equity investment. They have also generated more than $140 million in revenue, and today they employ more than 1300 professionals.
In summer 2013, GRA Ventures announced the formation of the GRA Commercialization Council, a group of successful entrepreneurs and economic development advisors helping to expand the GRA Ventures program. The GRA Commercialization Council includes over 100 industry experts who advise GRA and university faculty engaged in commercialization. In many cases, GRA Commercialization Council members serve as advisors and even as Launch CEOs for GRA Ventures portfolio companies.
Resources for enterprising university researchers
GRA Ventures focuses on commercializing technologies and discoveries emerging from Georgia’s research universities.  
If you’re a researcher seeking to commercialize a discovery or invention, contact the GRA Ventures representative on your campus (see list below). You may also download the following documents:
University Representatives

Kevin Lei

Keith McGreggor

Carl Clark, .

Chester (Chet) A. Bisbee, , JD

James W. Lillard, ., .

Stefan Schulze


Best font for university essays

best font for university essays


best font for university essaysbest font for university essaysbest font for university essaysbest font for university essays