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Queen Eanflæd became Wilfrid's patroness following his arrival at the court of her husband, King Oswiu. [38] She sent him to study under Cudda, formerly one of her husband's retainers, but by that time in about 648 a monk on the island of Lindisfarne. [20] The monastery on the island had recently been founded by Aidan , who had been instrumental in converting Northumbria to Christianity. [26] At Lindisfarne Wilfrid is said to have "learned the whole Psalter by heart and several books". [39] Wilfrid studied at Lindisfarne for a few years before going to the Kentish king's court at Canterbury in 652, where he stayed with relatives of Queen Eanflæd. [20] The queen had given Wilfrid a letter of introduction to pass to her cousin, King Eorcenberht , in order to ensure that Wilfrid was received by the king. [26] While in Kent, Wilfrid's career was advanced by Eanflæd's cousin Hlothere , who was later the King of Kent from 673 to 685. [40] The Kentish court included a number of visiting clergymen at that time, including Benedict Biscop , a noted missionary. [41] Wilfrid appears to have spent about a year in Kent, but the exact chronology is uncertain. [42]

A happy Shakespearean play, Twelfth Night is a story of cross dressing and mistaken identity.  It is filled with sexual tension between the characters and poetic words on love.  The play is meant to bring laughter to the audience while touching their hearts.  The main story is of a girl who dresses as a boy so she can have employment in a noble household.  She quickly comes to favor and falls in love with the man for whom she.  Even though she loves him, she keeps her identity as a boy and delivers his messages of love to the other woman. 
However, aside from Viola's story, the play has many small plots.  The discussion on the fool shows that people are not always as they seem, for though Feste is the jester, he is witty and knowledgeable.  He is also a talented actor and singer.  The noble in the play, Sir Andrew, actually turns out to be the foolish one.  Also a paradox is the attitude of Malvolio.  Although he holds a respected position in the household, he is arrogant and thinks himself above his position.  The prank that Maria, Toby, Anthony, Fabian, and the Fool play on him is to try to put him in his place. 
Another theme is in the story of Antonio.  Though he is a criminal in Illyria, Antonio saves Sebastian's life and risks his life for him.  He offers him money and helps to get him lodging.  Lastly, he steps into the fight between Cesario and the gentleman of Olivia's house.  He does this out of kindness that is usually not associated with criminals. 
Finally, the last paradox in Twelfth Night is the idea of a woman being the head of the household.  At the death of her family, Olivia takes charge of the household, which would normally be ruled by a male such as Sir Toby.  This theme may have arisen in Shakespeare's play because it was written at a time when a woman was the leader of England. 

Adam bede essays

adam bede essays


adam bede essaysadam bede essaysadam bede essaysadam bede essays