Alevel graphic design coursework

Are you passionate about design? Love to create a masterpiece with visual elements? Then our graphic design course is for you. The field of graphic design focuses on the manipulation of images and text to communicate and achieve a message. Sometimes referred to as visual communications, people in this field work creatively to convey a message about a particular product or campaign in a purposeful way.  

Career Options
Graphic designers typically work with illustration, typography, photography, hand or computer-generated images to create beautiful visual compositions. These can be used across many fields including corporate design (logos and branding), editorial design (magazines, newspapers and books), advertising, web design and product packaging and signage. You’ll find most working in design consultancies, advertising agencies, design and signage companies, print or publication houses or television, film and electronic media houses.

Our Focus
Greenside Design Center’s graphic design courses are made to produce highly-skilled, innovative and confident designers that can professionally critique and execute any design task.

This information does not guarantee or imply that these specific jobs will be available to Bellevue University graduates. Also, it does not guarantee or imply certainty of earnings potential. Many factors influence a graduate’s employment opportunities. Bellevue University cannot guarantee employment or career advancement. Source: . Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics (2016). Employment and Wages from the Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) survey retrieved from: .

Explore fundamental techniques for Adobe InDesign and develop an efficient workflow for both print and digital publishing. The course will impart a working knowledge of InDesign’s main capabilities, everything from basic features to using master pages, importing and manipulating objects, controlling text flow and style, and organizing content with tables, layers, links, and conveyor tools. Valuable methods for cutting-edge digital publishing techniques are explored, and projects give you give you training in a range of real world print/digital publishing projects: brochures, catalogs, magazines, ePubs, and even an interactive folio for the iPad.

Alevel graphic design coursework

a level graphic design coursework


a level graphic design courseworka level graphic design courseworka level graphic design courseworka level graphic design coursework